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Dead Suns: Episode 2

June 13 @ 19:00 - June 14 @ 00:00

Discovering the details surrounding the death of Duravor Kreel has elevated your standing amongst the Starfinder Society, even amongst other new recruits your ability to solve the crime has granted you an element of celebrity. As you walk through the Lorespire Complex on your way to your graduation you spot numerous other Starfinder agents nearby nodding to you in approval.

After confirming the details to Chiskisk and delivering the evidence of numerous hits you found on Ferani’s datapad the Stewards set to work rounding up as many Downside Kings members as they could. Unfortunately the real culprits here – Astral Extractions – will remain untouched behind layers of lawyers, red tape and bribes. Their involvement has thus far been completely ignored on all of the stations’ newsfeeds and as far as you know nobody from the organisation has been apprehended.

Duravor Kreel’s funeral was reportedly a small, sombre affair attended by only a handful of Hardscrabble Collective members and Chiskisk. His remains were cremated in the style traditional to the dwarves and his ashes spread amongst the rocks and asteroids of the Diaspora where he spent much of his life. Determined not to let Duravor’s death put a downer on today’s events for you he held a gathering of his own over at the Two Moons Inn where people came to share stories of the enigmatic Dwarf and celebrate your first deeds on Absalom station.

As you walk further into the Lorespire Tower guided by Chiskisk and his trail of smoke, you eventually find yourself at a set of large glass doors. The Shirren turns to you and cocks his head in manner that only the Shirren can, his antennae twitch beneath the brim of his fedora and his voice resounds telepathically in your minds. “Beyond these doors you’ll become fully fledged members of the Starfinder Society, granted it doesn’t have the same level of pomp and circumstance it once did but it’s still a memorable occasion. This is as far as I go. Welcome aboard Starfinders, I’m looking forward to working with you.”

With that, Chiskisk steps aside and the door slides open. A green holographic image of a middle-aged human woman shimmers into view at the center of the room. “Greetings,” it says. “I am Guidance. Please use the cheek swabs in the open receptacle to provide a genetic sample for Starfinder Society identification purposes.” There’s a slight pause as a white table holding clear plastic boxes raises out from a previously hidden panel in the flooring. Beside this table appears another with a strange machine sat upon it with a glowing face plate. “If desired, you may place your hand on the glowing panel to receive a subdermal implant further marking you as a member of the Society.”


If you opt to have the subdermal implant you receieve the following item, otherwise you recieve a more traditional style police badge style emblem of the Starfinder Society.

This implant rests underneath the skin of the palm of one hand, or at the end of a tentacle or similar appendage in species that lack hands. The augmentation can be activated or deactivated mentally as a swift action. Activating the implant causes a rendition of the Starfinder Society’s symbol to glow underneath the skin. This augmentation acts as a mark, letting others know you are a member of the Starfinder Society. It also increases the light level within 5 feet by one step while active.

The moment you finish with the swab kits the table lowers into the hidden panel it previously rose from and glows with a gentle green light as if to validate the process. The implant table reacts much in the same way, you feel a slight burning on the palm of your hand followed by a soothing, cooling sensation. As you take your hand away from the panel your palm glows for a second displaying the Starfinder Society symbol.

“It is our pleasure to officially welcome you into the Starfinder Society. Today is the commencement of your new role as a Starfinder field agent. It is our tradition, at the end of the graduation ceremony, for new graduates to present themselves to the heads of our most prominent factions and complete a task at those leaders’ behest. However, given your roles in the murder case of Officer Kreel this will no longer be necessary. You are free to spend a few days leave exploring the better sights that Absalom Station has to offer. Your mission contact will be Officer Chiskisk whom you’re already acquainted. He’ll be in contact with you directly. The heavy loss of Starfinder agents in the Scoured Stars incident dictates that your first mission will likely be far sooner and far more dangerous than agents before you. You have already proven your prowess so we are sure that you’ll thrive.”

The sliding glass doors open once again as you are free to leave. “Welcome to the fold, Starfinders” says Guidance a final time as you depart.


June 13 @ 19:00
June 14 @ 00:00
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